How to Setup FireHUD Hardware

Get started setting up your FireHUD Bands and Gateway.

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Charging and Storing:

The FireHUD Bands (wearables) will arrive discharged. Before getting started with the system, the Bands will need to recharge.

  1. Remove the wireless charger power supply and place it on a flat surface near a power outlet. Then, plug the power cord into the wall and the power supply. Ensure the switch on the side of the power supply is turned on to the '-' position.
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  2. All charging pucks should be attached to the supply with the provided USB cables. The orientation of the pucks matter. Ensure that the side with the manufacturing information is placed down on the table.
  3. Turn the elastic straps of each FireHUD Band inside out and then place the wearable on the charging puck sensor side down. The indicator light on the top of the Band will be blue to indicate charging and purple to indicate fully charged. When not using a Band, we advise placing it on a charger so that it sleeps.


Setting up the Gateway:

The FireHUD Gateway is the entry point for the data that is sent from the Bands. The Gateway contains a cellular module that transmits Band data to the FireHUD web application.

  1. Place the Gateway on an elevated surface near a wall outlet that is close to the area where you plan to use your Bands.
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  2. Next, screw in both antennas. The round antenna screws into the 'RF' port on the back of the Gateway. The flat paddle antenna screws into the 'Cell' port.
  3. The Gateway power supply should be plugged into the wall and the Gateway. The nut on the plug to the Gateway should be screwed in to ensure a good connection. After the Gateway is powered, it will take 2-3 minutes to boot. Once booted and ready for operation, the status light on the front of the Gateway will begin blinking.


Using the FireHUD Bands:

  1. After charging, distribute each Band to its corresponding wearer. Match the Band ID label located on the Band to the Band ID in settings on the Organization Page.
  2. The Band strap should be adjusted for each wearer so that a snug fit is ensured. The Band should be worn on the upper arm such that the flashing green sensor has direct skin contact. This allows for the most stable measurements.