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How to View Real-Time Data, Location, and Alerts

Real-time data can be viewed on the Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page is used to view real-time data, location, and alerts and consists of 4 tabs:


Chart Tab

  • View the last 5 minutes of data in chart form.
  • Click table column headers to select which metric to view and sort by.
  • Hover over data points to examine values.
  • Tap on names in the chart to focus on individuals.


Grid Tab

  • View each active user's real-time data
  • Show users sectioned "By Group" or "By Gateway"
  • Sort users by "Name", "Heart Rate", "Core Temp", "Exertion", or "Steps/Min"

Screenshot from 2020-08-27 16-18-24



Map Tab

  • View real-time locations of all your gateways.


Alert Tab

  • View your recent alerts.